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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are active and innovative, young and creative. Our motto is — live brilliantly!At work, relaxing, and during the various events, we try to do everything so that thelife of our creative group stays in our minds and is an example to others.
Maxim Kaigorodov, Modeller ALS Group
Our events   
We relax   
Golden Cue 2008   
«Formula ALS 2008»   
«Okunyovaya 2008»   
Vuoksa 2008    
Bowling 2008    
The rink on Palace Square 2008    
Finland 2007   
The “Winged Goose” bar Holiday 2007.   
Summer Holiday 2007. Teneriffe. Photocollage.   
Vuoksa 2007    
A trip by steamer along the rivers and canals 2007   
Rafting in Losevo 2007   
Horse riding in Repino   
Valaam 2006   
Vuoksa 2006    
Okunyovaya 2006   
Roller skate dash in the city   
New Year 2006   
Picnic 2005   
Our office   

A lesson from the old master

The main thing is not winning but taking part :)

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Fedor Solovyov:
Work. What is it? Simply the completion of certain actions with the aim of ensuring material prosperity? Fixing nails, screws, 3D models, video clips, written essays about “How I spent my life” etc? For me work is, first and foremost, Creation. In everything I do, whether it be producing a movie, or preparing models for a cartoon, I try to reflect my emotions and thoughts.

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