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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a close-knit team. Each of us is a fragment of the whole. Our work is our devotion and our life, in which we embody all our fantasies in the world of computer graphics.
The Beginning of Work    
Mail and related things   
Lateness is the scourge of many companies   
Salary and related matters   
The tasks and time on projects   
The working place and the working day   
Various things, in brief.   
What is your Company?

Our Company is part of an international concern and produces computer graphics for the games industry and casinos. However, in the first place the ALS Group is people: people who are open, honest, conscientious, hardworking, and living for a business to which they are devoted.
Our Company’s main principle is openness. We have nothing to hide! We are open to everybody: to friends, colleagues, and competitors. We are just as open to developers who, having read our Company principles, are ready to try their hand with us, as to directors or managers of other organisations who want to find out about some aspect or other of our personnel relations, or compare their system with ours.   Please phone or write to us; the contact details are below, at the end of this briefing; we are open to all kinds of co-operation
This document may be distributed or replicated completely free of charge. It may be reprinted in any form, partially or in full, without the Company’s permission, but under the condition that a link to the original is provided.

Our motto:
“Creativity —  is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.” Anne Roe.

This motto reflects completely our attitude to work and to the job, and our vision of what is the main thing in work. Arising just from this it is possible to discern what requirements we have of candidates and by which criteria we judge people’s work.

What is this briefing intended for?

This briefing is intended in the first place for “new ones”. That is colleagues who have just joined the Company, although for those who are only just about to, it would not be out of place to become acquainted with it. It is possible that reading this briefing will influence your decision about working for us.
If, after reading what is written below you don’t want to work for us, or you are thinking better of it, then….
On the one hand we’ll be really sorry, but on the other hand, you and we will possibly have saved a lot of time and also our money by not spending it in vain. At the end of the day: “You can’t make nice by force”, taste and colour don’t make a comrade”, “a maiden has to learn”, “don’t spit in the well; it may come in useful”… and, as they say…..

Why have we decided to write this briefing?

Perhaps you once had to listen about the Red Hat in a lawyer’s deposition? No?
Allow me:

...A physical person of minor years of the female sex was registered and lived in one living space with her mother who was not in a valid legal marriage - a middle aged physical person who was the owner of the living space, and who had the regular habit of covering her head with a shabby headgear of a bright red colour, and who acquired for the above reason amongst the civilian population living in that very municipal establishment the nickname of “Red Cap”……
Well, and so on in that vein.
So that’s it. The “briefing” was written so that you wouldn’t get a headache deciphering documents written in that way. In it we tried to set out in simple and intelligible language the basic principles and rules for working in our Company, emphasising what we consider important, and at the same time answering frequently asked questions.
What is your Company?
The first question that now colleagues usually ask - Where is the toilet?
How does my working day start?
What will I have to do when I sit at the computer?
What can you ask of the System Administrators and what not?
I want to transfer several programs to my home computer, but on my computer at work the USB port and writeable CD-ROM dont work. What can I do?
Natalya Vedernikova:

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