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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a close-knit team. Each of us is a fragment of the whole. Our work is our devotion and our life, in which we embody all our fantasies in the world of computer graphics.
The Beginning of Work    
Mail and related things   
Lateness is the scourge of many companies   
Salary and related matters   
The tasks and time on projects   
The working place and the working day   
Various things, in brief.   
What will I have to do when I sit at the computer?

You will be given your login and password to get into the system.  Also you will get your own mailbox.  Apart from that the System Administrator will register you in the instant messaging program for internal communication between colleagues.  Using this you can, for instance send your Project Manager (PM) links to work you have completed.  We must draw your attention straight away to the fact that exclusively Company employees are licensed to use the program.

Also a network disk will be created for you on which you can store your own data and, when after some time you get a new computer, your data will not be lost:)  It’s not worth writing anything on the C drive.  There are only system programs and temporary files needed for the correct working of the software on C.  The less space there is, the harder it is for you to work, and everything starts to slow down and “freeze”.  Apart from that, for the developers there are specific rules which have to be followed concerning the naming of folders, files etc.  Your Project Manager will tell you all about you about these.

Also, it’s not worth turning off your computer during the night unless you have special permission, as your computer can be used out of working hours for network rendering.  This happens because the rendering system is frequently not powerful enough to render big scenes.  Secondly, during your non-working time, The System Administrators can work their magic on your machine and improve its efficiency.

On finishing your work at the end of a working day, you simply have to log out (“Start” => “Log Off”) and switch off your monitor.
If for any reason you cannot Log Off (for instance, if you left on a mistake in some scene or other) then you must inform the System Administrators.  Failure to do this may mean that the following morning you could discover an overloaded computer and not be able to find data which it turns out you didn’t save before leaving.
What is your Company?
The first question that now colleagues usually ask - Where is the toilet?
How does my working day start?
What will I have to do when I sit at the computer?
What can you ask of the System Administrators and what not?
I want to transfer several programs to my home computer, but on my computer at work the USB port and writeable CD-ROM dont work. What can I do?
Maxim Kaygorodov:
If you consider that youve reached perfection in something, whatever it is, either you are a limited person, or you are a genius, duty bound to bring your creativity to society.

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