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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a close-knit team. Each of us is a fragment of the whole. Our work is our devotion and our life, in which we embody all our fantasies in the world of computer graphics.
The Beginning of Work    
Mail and related things   
Lateness is the scourge of many companies   
Salary and related matters   
The tasks and time on projects   
The working place and the working day   
Various things, in brief.   
What can you ask of the System Administrators and what not?

The System administrator is a great, and important person who sits all day with an enigmatic air, in front of the computer, tapping carelessly on the keyboard, murmuring something unintelligible to himself and staring at the monitor occasionally, quietly (in a whisper) swearing.  So to bother him with trifles is not recommended – it could cost you!

If you suddenly think about installing some program or other on a working computer, in the first place get permission from your Project Manager, who in turn will decide about the need to instal such a program and inform the System Administrators.  Here we wish to note that all the software in our company is licensed, and if the program you need does not have a license, it’s unlikely that they’ll instal it for you. 

It’s necessary to refer to System Administrators in no other way than as Your Eminence and only if your workhorse in limping.  If it won’t load, it hangs, a program doesn’t work etc., etc.  But if you just want to put into memory some sort of information stored on your machine or somewhere on the local network, it’s not worth referring to His Supreme Eminence.  Just forget it.  Instead it would be better to take up some socially useful work for the glory of the motherland, since System Administrators never go there because they don’t have permission from the senior management. But they (the senior management) are inclined to look at everything that is stored on the computers as the immediate, inalienable and indivisible property of the Company.
What is your Company?
The first question that now colleagues usually ask - Where is the toilet?
How does my working day start?
What will I have to do when I sit at the computer?
What can you ask of the System Administrators and what not?
I want to transfer several programs to my home computer, but on my computer at work the USB port and writeable CD-ROM dont work. What can I do?
Alexei Federovsky:
The still famous Russian poet Alexander Segeyevitch Pushkin said of us artists, We are born for inspiration, for the sounds of the sweet and the harsh!

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