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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a close-knit team. Each of us is a fragment of the whole. Our work is our devotion and our life, in which we embody all our fantasies in the world of computer graphics.
The Beginning of Work    
Mail and related things   
Lateness is the scourge of many companies   
Salary and related matters   
The tasks and time on projects   
The working place and the working day   
Various things, in brief.   
How does my working day start?

After discussion with the HR Manager, if everything is in order and the “main parties” are in agreement you will have to complete and sign a pile of papers – that is to formally confirm our relationship. Read the agreement carefully, and if something isn’t clear, ask.  After you have signed the agreement, “excuses” like: “I didn’t have time to read it through…I didn’t really understand…. but I thought….. there are some strange things here…… but it appears…..” and so on, will not be accepted.

The main thing is to remember that from this moment you and we have concluded a commercial transaction, namely the Agreement in which you commit yourself to work conscientiously, keep to deadlines, and carry out work of the required quality, and we in turn, commit ourselves to pay you a very good salary (you can see the amount below in other sections), feed you and ensure good working conditions. That is, we both have mutual obligations.  You are committing yourself to fulfil 100% (notice – the whole one hundred percent.  Not 99.99 but 100%) of all the tasks and obligations, including all boring and uninteresting tasks.  For this we undertake to pay you, likewise, 100% of your salary, and provide you with 100% of the conditions on which we both originally agree at the outset and to which you willingly agree. And naturally, each of us (you and we) accept full responsibility for the commitments we have made, including material ones.

The main task during the three-month trial period is to prove by work and deed that you are capable not only of working well but also of learning and in that way raising your level, irrespective of that with which you came to us.  And don’t be afraid of asking questions!!! The more questions (well-considered and about work), the greater the probability that you will get immersed more quickly in the “theme”. Don’t be afraid to use your initiative – we welcome it in every way. All events, big and small, are described on our corporate website www.als.ru.  We recommend that you visit the site regularly to keep up with them all.  Also on the site you will find a library of documents, articles, photos, events, and a list of colleagues and other interesting material.

What is your Company?
The first question that now colleagues usually ask - Where is the toilet?
How does my working day start?
What will I have to do when I sit at the computer?
What can you ask of the System Administrators and what not?
I want to transfer several programs to my home computer, but on my computer at work the USB port and writeable CD-ROM dont work. What can I do?
Fedor Solovyov:
Work. What is it? Simply the completion of certain actions with the aim of ensuring material prosperity? Fixing nails, screws, 3D models, video clips, written essays about How I spent my life etc? For me work is, first and foremost, Creation. In everything I do, whether it be producing a movie, or preparing models for a cartoon, I try to reflect my emotions and thoughts.

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