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is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people. We know a lot about computer graphics, keep up with events, and distribute the very latest information. Computer graphics artist, modeller, visualiser - these are professions of the future. We look to the future with optimism and hope that by sharing information we can attract new people and new fans to a field like computer graphics.
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In ITAR-TASS they spoke about 3D

Yesterday (the 22nd of June) a press conference dedicated to 3D in Russia  was held  in the St Petersburg branch of ITAR-TASS.  The main theme was the preparations for opening the Information and Training Centre for Computer Graphics in St Petersburg in September. The Centre has been organised with the support of ALS Group Holding and also the computer graphics studio Render.ru and the website Render.ru. which forms part of the holding company.

Journalists’ questions were answered by ALS Group President, Anton Zailinger, founder of Render.ru,  Stanislav Svarichevsky and the Manager of the Information and Training Centre, Igor Kuligin.  There was great interest shown by the writing fraternity.   The basic theme - the opening of the Centre - led on to the problems of the development of computer graphics and the sector of 3D in Russia.

The Information and Training Centre for Computer Graphics will be the first non- commercial organisation in our country where anyone interested in 3D will be able to learn everything about the industry. There will be at the disposal of the visitors books, DVD’s, news and the latest novelties from the world of 3D graphics, as well as exhibitions of 3D artists,  which visitors will be able not only to  see but also  take part in.  All this will be free of charge for 3D enthusiasts.

A small seed was sown in the popularisation of 3D by yesterday’s press conference.  Journalists from the leading St Petersburg publications were able to find out that there is an industry developing in our country in which enthusiastic young   people, doing what they enjoy, can open up new professions, make a career and earn decent money.

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In ITAR-TASS they spoke about 3D
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If you consider that youve reached perfection in something, whatever it is, either you are a limited person, or you are a genius, duty bound to bring your creativity to society.

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