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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people. We know a lot about computer graphics, keep up with events, and distribute the very latest information. Computer graphics artist, modeller, visualiser - these are professions of the future. We look to the future with optimism and hope that by sharing information we can attract new people and new fans to a field like computer graphics.
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February 23, or How women congratulated men

          February 19, when the clock struck 18:00 all women of the ALS Group company gathered their colleagues - men, to congratulate them with the Day of Fatherland Defenders.
          Joy of male half was at the top when she saw the holiday table, decorated with the main present. Lined up in a line, the defenders accepted congratulations from the female half of the team and started for the meal.
          Everybody was especially pleased with gifts. Mugs, hand-painted by our girls, were tested once during the celebration. And after the fun competitions followed by mass games everybody began to dance.
          The male half of ALS Group expresses its gratitude to our beloved women for congratulation!
Happy Tatiana's Day!
New Production Calendar
ALS Group Company has summarized the results of IV quarter and the year
And the brakes we spend on a favorite job
Our company celebrates 10 years anniversary!
The casino end in Russia
The Company ALS Group has successfully finished the 2nd quarter 2009.
Accountant Polina Lykova has been working in the company for 3 years, received 238,500 rubles.
Terraforming in ALS
Artists received 916,000 rubles bonus!
Person of the Quarter Ilya Golitsin!
The first working quarter: END
A red letter day
Secure your money!
Artist Sablin received 183,000 rubles from ALS
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Maxim Kaygorodov:
If you consider that youve reached perfection in something, whatever it is, either you are a limited person, or you are a genius, duty bound to bring your creativity to society.

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