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We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people. We know a lot about computer graphics, keep up with events, and distribute the very latest information. Computer graphics artist, modeller, visualiser - these are professions of the future. We look to the future with optimism and hope that by sharing information we can attract new people and new fans to a field like computer graphics.
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In spite of the fact that not a single advertising film is made without three-dimensional computer graphics (and animated films are made entirely on the computer), there are not enough specialists in the field of three-dimensional computer graphics. Practically any big 3D studio in Russia as ready to take on immediately up to 200 people with 10 basic specialisations, on the condition that they are ready to start work straight away.

The universities and colleges aren’t coping

Because officially the specialisations of “3D modeller”, “animator” and “visualiser” don’t exist, even on the state register of specialisations, these professions are not taught, either in the secondary school system or in the system of professional education.

Of course attempts are being made to introduce new programmes in to universities and colleges.  However, this will not solve the problem of the indigenous 3D market.  In the first place because the business simply cannot wait 5 years for specialists to be produced. Also, university graduates have in any case to learn more, and this means more expense for the studios, and even more importantly, the loss of valuable time.

There is no competition

In recent times the companies have had to take on those relatively familiar with 3D packages (the big companies use Maya), and then, without a break in production, bring the person up to the required level with their own efforts. Practice shows that this takes six months.

It can be said that competition between 3D studios does not exist.  Clients willingly approach indigenous studios. But studios are not always willing to take on a large quantity of work, and  because of that they lose clients: they go to the West.  As an example the annual turnover of India in the 3D industry is of the order of 9 billion dollars.  In Russia the whole IT turnover is 250 million dollars.

There is a solution

In the middle of September there will be the official opening of Russia’s first on commercial Information and Training Centre for Computer Graphics, Render.ru Center.  It’s basic aim is the popularisation of 3D in Russia (many people simple don’t even guess about the existence of 3D specialisations).

As the organisers promise, anyone wishing to can go to the Centre and get any information on 2D and 3D.  A special library will be created, both with written information (books, teaching manuals, literature on graphics etc.) and information in electronic format. Unique archives of different studios will be represented.

It is planned that not only will consultation be available on any question to do with three- and two-dimensional graphics, but also help in finding work.

We shall see

But of course the main thing for those who want to combine their professional activity with the world of three-dimensional computer graphics is the possibility of learning.  Already today, courses have begun in Render.ru in the preparation of 3D specialists.

The basic course lasts for not more than one month during which the participants become familiar with the program interface of professional programs, their structure, and the very essence of 3D.

By the end of the course, if the participant decides to stay in the profession and has decided which direction he wants to follow, courses are available on the basic 3D specialisations of; modeller-texture artist, animator and visualiser-composer  (abroad these are five different specialisations).

The training lasts five months, after which the successful participant can start work without any problem.


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