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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people. We know a lot about computer graphics, keep up with events, and distribute the very latest information. Computer graphics artist, modeller, visualiser - these are professions of the future. We look to the future with optimism and hope that by sharing information we can attract new people and new fans to a field like computer graphics.
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The St Petersburg company ALS Group supports two interesting websites – Render.ru (an online magazine of 3D graphics and animation) and Graphics.ru (a resource about everything to do with 2D graphics).  Here you can find the latest news from the world of design, read specialised articles, and reviews, and also extract a lot of useful material from lessons which have been developed by real professionals.  Unfortunately, the section “Articles” on both sites is updated relatively infrequently, and instead the newsreel   regularly highlights interesting events. On Render.ru the work is divided between “Art Gallery” and “ Gallery of architecture”, and on Graphics.ru there is “Art gallery” and “Design galleries”.

On the website forums you can discuss a problem or ask a question, and you can also get to know interesting people who have been working in computer graphics for some considerable time.  If you have your own work you can send it to the gallery and find out the opinion of colleagues about it. And if you consider yourself sufficiently competent in design, you can even try your efforts in a competition.

The development of computer graphics opens up new business niches. They bring the portrait into the third dimension.
3D graphics: a sea of vacancies
State ordering stuck on price
A trip to London brought an order. Game machines purchase 3D services
3D Animation Group Sets Sights on LA
Invited to work by the professor
ALS reveals Mystery Million animation secrets
Max Kaigorodov on Game building: Titans of the 3D game
3D is changing the world
The shortage of personnel creates the possibility of personal advancement. Three-dimensional graphics triples the salary.
3D is activated
Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars
We and America: Graphic Prof
Beauties from Render.ru: Spellforce 2: Blend of Perfection
About the graphics and the inspiration
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Alexei Federovsky:
The still famous Russian poet Alexander Segeyevitch Pushkin said of us artists, We are born for inspiration, for the sounds of the sweet and the harsh!

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