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End of quarter III. We are in Finland!

All holidays are different: dynamic, entertaining or creative. But the main thing about holiday is heartwarming.
    According to existing tradition no our Quarter ends usual, ordinary. The end of Quarter is always a celebration and this time it was the splendid one – thanks to both management and designers - we went to Finland!
    In spite of the year season all conditions were perfect for realizing our holyday Finish ride. The weather was fine, the colleagues were in great mood and the accommodation conditions appeared just wonderful – it is not that we doubted but you never can tell.
    Holiday Resort Jarvisudan Saimaa Holiday in Rantasalmi welcomed us by autumn forest full of mushrooms, blueberry and cowberry, lake expanse with pier, cozy cottages with fireplaces and saunas and by an admirable restaurant. We walked around, “galloped” on “drop-offs” riding Icelandic horses with funny forelocks, ran to the pier searching fog in the morning, took a steam bath and poured over an ice cold water on the terrace and after all these gathered near the fireplace and spent time playing, singing to the guitar and talking hearty talks.
    Yet the end of Quarter is not only the holiday. In the law ceiling carven in the rock restaurant throne hall with carved chairs, heavy sconces, fluffy wolf skins under camera flashes the report meeting has been held. Quarter movies of different artists’ teams were played on a big screen. The team heads made their speeches, designers gladly took part in the happening and clapped, clapped, clapped. After we had a celebratory dinner. 
    Our trip to Finland was excellent from every point of view. Reflex and snapshot camera holders have imprinted 15 gigs of beauties, faces and funny stories! Recreated and freshened we brought tones of impressions, memories and a bit of sorrow of the “magic” country where all wishes of tired towny people become true. And all that is without taking into account 5 kilograms of mushrooms!!!   

Daniil Kozlovsky team
Our trip to Finland for most of us has became probably the best corporate event during last few years. The environment of informal country rest we liked best! You know the towny people have a huge luck of it! Riding horses, delicious food, cozy villas with saunas and fresh air – isn’t it a perfect place to renew inspiration and work power reservoirs? We all just loved everything!
By the way there were some of our colleagues for whom it was a very first trip abroad. It is cool that the company may give such opportunity to its staff. We hope so much that such kind of quarter report events will become regular.

Ekaterina Gerasimchuk
The rest was wonderful! !! One of the best corporative rides during 5 and a half year I work here. We were fed as a prize turkeyберу villas were so cozy, horses so gentle and beauty of place was amazing! We were very lucky with the weather in spite of the season – the autumn. A thousand thanks to the sponsors and organizers!!! 

Aida Asadullina
I was impressed by the Finnish service, the beauty of the place where the resort is situated – it was possible to enjoy the nature, the silence and clear air. And with no doubts the horseback riding was the most positive and happy event – my dream to ride a horse came true!)

Nastya Pekina
I here water play
The ancient rocks in silence
Which covered by the soft wet moss
And a whisper of
trembling leafs…
My fantasies are richer, closer
under this autumn wind
in the darkness of fir wildness
And suddenly they are already real…
I go to the light flowing from the windows
And there is
A warmness of a fireplace and ran candles
And flyblown glance of friends and colleagues,
Men basses, tinkly laugh of women 
Card game fierce dispute
And closer to the night
Calm conversation near fire…
So was it or…?
Oh, Rantasalmi, my sweat dream. 

Maria Permyakova
It was great!.. Tasty, nice, interesting, fun…I liked it very much. Thank you!

Dasha Kostyukova
… weekend was wonderful! Peaceful autumn landscapes, fresh air, homy villas and hearty clique were the perfect conditions for the pleasant rest. Really want this fairy tale last as long as possible! Many thanks to the company management for new nice impressions!

Eremenko Veronika
Remembering Jarvisudan holiday I have a warm spot for it. The comments may seem to be too sweet but in fact there was nothing what could be a reason of discomfort or of any unpleasant emotions))) The nicest landscapes, air to breath and never feed, fabulous atmosphere, fine costumer service, very kind staff – I have mentioned in occasional talk a hot chocolate and  after I got it at breakfast in spite the menu did not have it)))))) Because all that it felt so nice and warm. The rest was wonderful and unforgettable. Many thanks to our high management for giving us such amazing sensations!!!!!!!

Katya Gataulina
Finland surprised by its bright rich colors and by fairy autumn! The childhood came to a mind when everything seemed to be bigger and brighter.
Icelandic horses impressed best of all! Especially I would like to mark the white one – it was very obeisant and frisky at a time, which long to gallop me away to a forest.
We had a great relax as if we had a full vacation! Many thanks to our management for organizing this great trip!
P.S. After looking through the Finnish photos my son is packing suitcases for his own soon Finland trip).

Alexey Fedorovsky
I remember best the horses we rode. Therefore I decided to right a poem about them. But the poem is from the first person i.e. from the face (if I may say so) of a horse.

I am a sturdy Finnish horsey
I leave in Suomi country near the lake.
My hair combed out so lank,
Warm hands pet my forelock.
I hacked by a golden shoe
I walk by a golden leaves.
If you wish I will take you with me
In a part of birches and pure azure rivers.

P.S. Photo-report about our trip you may see in the section “In focus” – “Finland 2011”.

End of quarter III. We are in Finland!
End of quarter II of 2011 – rafting. HURRAH!
Sport is a great power!
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