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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are modellers. We ask you a big favour : please don’t confuse us with designers, even though we have something even from them. We create models and construct graphical three-dimensional objects for others to bring to life….
Maxim Kaigorodov, modeller ALS Group
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All the words on this page belong to the warm evening breeze.
Who am I?  Earlier, with absolutely no understanding of my own words, I said that I was nobody.  How does it turn out that the thought was objective but the words were simply a ripple in the air?  I really am nobody.  The word “I”  doesn’t mean anything.  Although in literature the value of human individuality is praised, in fact there is no “individuality”; even less so, creative individuality. Each person is a creator. Moreover, there is a point of view that the ability to create constitutes the distinguishing ability of the thinking person.  But by no means does this soothe our egoism. Any living thing, bird or insect creates something.  Let them do it just as their ancestors, just changing it a little.   However perhaps people don’t behave this way.  Find a cuckoo incubating its young in its OWN nest.  Someone will object that a person can invent something new, but no.  People never invent something new, they use the things around them.  If a person were put into the situation of “sensory starvation” he would never invent something new, only what he already knew.  A person as an individual does not exist because without outside influence he is not capable of anything.  A person is especially a social creature; he wants to be loved, looked after and not envied.  If a person is not noticed he ceases to exist (Doctor, everyone is ignoring me….).  There can’t be a creative person, particularly without social conditioning.  Every person creates, everyone used to draw in their school exercise books, compose poems, whistle tunes they had composed themselves.   But while this interests only him, he doesn’t exist as a creative individual. For his creativity to be noticed he has to excite some group or other of people.  Why do artists learn to draw, musicians learn to play, writers write? So that their creations are interesting not only to the creator and  so that they are accepted.  And the closer the acceptance, the stronger the “I” is absorbed into the social conditioning, the desires, thoughts and dreams of the people ABOUT WHOM they create. I admit that without people around me, I wouldn’t exist.  Therefore I am nobody.
Maxim Kaygorodov:
If you consider that youve reached perfection in something, whatever it is, either you are a limited person, or you are a genius, duty bound to bring your creativity to society.

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