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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

We are modellers. We ask you a big favour : please don’t confuse us with designers, even though we have something even from them. We create models and construct graphical three-dimensional objects for others to bring to life….
Maxim Kaigorodov, modeller ALS Group
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13 years 27 days

In The Silence Of The Darkness When All Are Fast Asleep
I Live Inside A Dream Calling To Your Spirit
As A Sail Calls The Wind Hear The Angels Sing…

You’re bored; in the kitchen the coffee isn’t ready yet; there’s nothing to do; you’re not glued to your work; nobody phones, nobody comes to visit; you’ve read and recently re-read the few books you have at home. That’s why you’re reading these words and curse yourself for spending time doing something as tedious as installing Window XP- this time that you’re spending getting to know me. Therefore “lean back in your armchair” and relax.  Put on the best album of your favourite composer, and put in front of you a box of oat cookies. Let us begin….
I don’t want to weary you because your life is already routine and tedious with but tell you something of my turbulent biography.  Just believe me – there is something to remember (but don’t tell the children), and let’s leave it at that. Instead, I decided to tear up the pretentious monologue “About myself” and that will make our one-way communication simpler.

The first thought – “ABOUT WORK”

Work.  What is it? Simply the completion of certain actions with the aim of ensuring material prosperity? Fixing nails, screws, 3D models, video clips, written essays about “How I spent my life” etc? For me work is, first and foremost, Creation.  In everything I do, whether it be producing a movie, or preparing models for a cartoon, I try to reflect my emotions and thoughts. From time to time I have a lot to do – I write scripts, work on a film set, I model, draw.  A lot of what I do, and what is around me, I don’t like. I simply try to change this…Besides your coffee on the kitchen has already boiled away and you’ll have to spend a long time cleaning and repairing the old  burnt out stove.  The noise will be awful.  This leads to the second thought “about music”…..

The second thought – “ABOUT MUSIC”

Have you heard the banal expression “MUSIC IS LIFE”? Yes? Me too, many times and I didn’t consider it very meaningful. I thought that only people working on the stage could say that at that it was to some extent hypocrisy.  But once a musician friend of mine explained this idea to me in his own words.  He said, “I come home feeling sad, happy, agitated or peaceful   The whole of today’s events passed through me, brushing the silver and golden strings of the harp of my emotions.  I take my instrument and play this tune and my happiness gets brighter and sadness changes to warmth within me, and from such days my life is formed…..”  I feel something like that. I have two guitars.  One is electric WASHBURN, on which I play most often.  It has 2 chords and a Humb Schaller 2-in-1 bridge.  An AKAI pedal and Yerasov combo enhances its sound.  The second is a Musima Classik classical guitar with nylon and palisander on the fingerboard.  The works that I listen to and love are: The Ninth Wave, MARVIK, MELNITS, Shmender, EPITAPHS, Black Coffee, Chimerra, Courage, Kipelov, The Old aria, sometimes Secret…   It seems you’ve finished the cookies you prepared earlier and possibly at such a boring moment you get the idea, “Why don’t I go and see a film?”….

The third thought – “ABOUT THE CINEMA”

Probably the cinema is the only thing where I can shine a light on my whole self.  It is that kind of creation where it is possible to completely bring to society your thoughts and emotions. I look forward with hope and wait for the filmgoer to notice my future films and will think and feel with me. I studied in the University of Cinema and Television under two remarkable people – Evgeny Nikolaevitch Gordienko and Lev Israelevitch Tsutsulkovsky, to whom I am immeasurably grateful for all the knowledge, experience and emotions I obtained. I am now working on 3 screenplays for future films – a play and a documentary. One of them will be about the quiet life of a Valaam monastery, and the second is a portrait of 2 generations of youth.  Standing on a set next to the cameraman where every person is burning with your ideas, you feel that you can change the world around you of grey, boring weekends.  I am amazed at your patience and forbearance.  I could never have got as far as this; it would have been too boring….

The last thought – “ABOUT LOVE”

This is the most important. It’s possible to talk about this for hours; it is present in everything at every moment, but I decided to leave this chapter empty.  If, however, you’ve read this far, and if you have enough patience (which I admire), I suggest that you turn off the music, clear the cup from the table turn off the monitor and think together with me…..
Maxim Kaygorodov:
If you consider that youve reached perfection in something, whatever it is, either you are a limited person, or you are a genius, duty bound to bring your creativity to society.

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