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Creativity —
is not a sudden flash of inspiration that comes to some ideal mind and ideal hands but results from purposeful person's painstaking work.

ALS Group Holdings was founded in 1999 and within a few years had become one of the largest computer graphics companies in Russia. In 2006 the company became part of the Novomatic Group, which is one of the world leaders in development and production of equipment for the leisure and casino industry.

We are proud of the quality of what we produce and also our precisely- planned production processes. But the most valuable asset in our company is the people, and that is why taking care of the working conditions of our colleagues is our priority. Working for us is comfortable!

About ourselves

06.10.2011 End of quarter III. We are in Finland!
    All holidays are different: dynamic, entertaining, creative. But the main important thing about holiday is to be heartwarming.
23.06.2011 End of quarter II of 2011 rafting. HURRAH!
    It is impossible to enter the same river twice So we did not try we just entered it again (and some of us even fully swamped in it) preliminary inspired by watching some great presentation report movies representing the work made by ALS artists during quarter II.
26.05.2011 Sport is a great power!
    We are sportsmen so hold down!
Leave your sadness for the future.
Sport is a life, the whole life
And even a little bit more.
24.01.2011 Tatiana Day
    25 January, the day of St. Tatyana, is a day of students, their special funny holiday.
11.01.2011 New factory calendar for year 2011
23.02.2010 February 23, or How women congratulated men
    February 19, when the clock struck 18:00 all women of the ALS Group company gathered their colleagues - men, to congratulate them with the Day of Fatherland Defenders...
14.02.2010 ALS Group celebrated Saint Valentine's Day
    Last Friday our office was decorated for Saint Valentine's Day, which fell on a day off...
09.02.2010 Maslenitsa in ALS Group
    Tomorrow, February 11, in the middle of Maslenitsa week ALS Group will celebrate a folk festival.
24.01.2010 Happy Tatiana's Day!
    Today in our country is a double significant date. January 25 is the date when all students congratulate Tatianas, and all Tatianas congratulate students. Particularly lucky this day students are named Tatiana...
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  And the brakes we spend on a favorite job!

This video was made by ALS Group company artists in a freetime between working hours. It shows their point of view on the beginning of workweek. The uniqueness of this video is that it was created without any help of 3D editors, and the working process took three weeks.

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About us

20.02.2008 Instead of a paint brush an electronic pen
    A competition has been announced for young artists who are interested in modern technology in art.
Those wishing to take part in the competition should submit their application before the 20th of March. The winners will receive a grant for a course Creation of computer pictures using a graphic pad The duration of the course is one month. The organisers of the competition are The Information
21.08.2007 How the companies manage employees with creative specialisations
    People from the so-called creative professions require a particular approach and create many problems for an employer. Its these people, by the way, who are in greatest demand on the labour market. According to data from the recruiting agency Head Hunter, these specialisations are editors, journalists, copywriters, art directors and creative directors. The salary levels of these specialisations grew for 7% to 15% last year.
15.08.2006 Computer graffiti
    The St Petersburg company ALS Group supports two interesting websites Render.ru (an online magazine of 3D graphics and animation) and Graphics.ru (a resource about everything to do with 2D graphics). Here you can find the latest news from the world of design, read specialised articles, and reviews, and also extract a lot of useful material from lessons which have been developed by real professionals.
06.08.2006 Does Russia need 3D specialists?
    Modern cinema, animated cartoons, computer games, advertising what do they have in common? Without doubt its possible to put together a broad list of features common to all these products, but we would like to pick out probably the most important: the widely applied technology of computer graphics 3D - is an integral part of them.
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Fedor Solovyov:
Work. What is it? Simply the completion of certain actions with the aim of ensuring material prosperity? Fixing nails, screws, 3D models, video clips, written essays about How I spent my life etc? For me work is, first and foremost, Creation. In everything I do, whether it be producing a movie, or preparing models for a cartoon, I try to reflect my emotions and thoughts.

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